What is Holiday Care-a-Van?

Since 1965, Eastern High School’s annual Holiday Care-a-Van has been a valued tradition of giving back to the community in the spirit of the holidays. Each year our students, faculty, and community members band together to raise money and collect food for those in need. After our contributions are collected, members of the National Honors Society are invited to help create baskets and deliver them to families in need. Before the baskets are delivered, there’s a school-wide pep rally filled with holiday cheer to celebrate our contributions and the joy they’ll bring to the families who need them. The sight of over 300 baskets of food covering the gym floor is enough to make anyone smile and feel a part of the good in the world.

Want to be a part of the giving tradition?

For our Holiday Care-a-Van this year, Eastern’s goal is to raise $20,000, collect 10,000 cans, and create 365 baskets. This is not a small goal, and will require kindness from each of us to donate what we can in order to help as many families as possible.
Unfortunately, there is not enough space in the gym for the entire student body to attend our pep rally. So, as an extra incentive to donate, the TWO grade levels who contribute the most to the fundraiser will be invited to attend the pep rally, see the baskets made, and enjoy the holiday spirit this event brings to us all. (The event will be live-streamed in classrooms for those unable to attend.)
We need YOUR HELP in order to continue our tradition of giving back to others. This is a wonderful way to give back to the community and help those in need. You can contribute now by donating through the link to the right, or (for students only) by bringing in canned goods to any of your teachers. Donate now in the spirit of the holidays to help those in need!

Donate Now!


Eastern’s Holiday Care-a-Van tradition was started in 1965 by the Senior class in hopes of supporting their community. At first, their reach was smaller, and only extended to families of students at the school. Students piled up their cars with canned goods and delivered them to these families.
Throughout the years, the school has continued this important tradition and it has become even more successful. Now, the Eastern Holiday Care-a-Van is proud to provide food for over 350 families in the Middletown community over the holiday season. Students today pile onto busses to deliver the baskets, and spread holiday cheer as they help those in need.