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Eastern High School Incoming Freshman Orientation: June 2nd, from 6-8pm. July 27th from 9am-2pm and August 4th from 6:15-7pm

Freshman Orientation

Eastern Sports Camp with picture of an Eagle

Summer Camps

*We can “pro-rate” your camp cost if you can’t attend


Our seniors have been working hard all year, and after four years they are ready to head out. Check here for graduation information, including cap and gown, graduation requirements, and graduation date.

seniors playing tug of war

Senior Events

It’s that time of the year! Our Seniors have worked hard and it’s time to let loose. Check out Eastern High School’s upcoming senior activaties, where our seniors have earned some time off.

3 students working on painting their parking spots

Senior Parking Spots

Get your paint rollers ready to create a parking spot masterpiece! Check here for information and parking requirements for our Eastern Seniors 2023!