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Computer Arts & Sciences & Business
Career Pathway Concentration 9th 10th 11th 12th
Consumer & Family Management FACS Essentials Foods & Nutrition Relationships (.5) Parenting (.5) Co-Op: Consumer and Family Services
Foods & Nutrition Money Skills
High School of Business Computer Literacy HSB – Business and Marketing (.5) HSB – Principles of Marketing (.5) HSB – Principles of Management (.5)
HSB Wealth Mgmt (.5) HSB Ethical Lead (.5) HSB – Business Economics (.5) HSB – Principles of Finance (.5) HSB – Business Strategies (.5)
Computer Science Computer Literacy Computational Thinking AP Computer Science AP Computer Science Principles
Object Oriented Programing Project Based Programming
Information Support & Services Computer Literacy Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance (A+) Help Desk Operations Management of Support Services
Network Administration Computer Literacy Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance (A+) Introduction to Networking Concepts Security Fundamentals
Web Development/Administration Computer Literacy Web Page Development Web Site Design and Development Internet Technologies
Graphic Design Computer Literacy Introduction to Media Arts (87010041) Two-Dimensional Media Digital Imaging or Advanced Prod
Two-Dimensional Media (Newspaper) Digital Imaging (newspaper II) or Advanced Prod
Two-Dimensional Media (Yearbook I) Digital Imaging (Yearbook II) or Advanced Prod
Cinematography & Video Production Computer Literacy Introduction to Media Arts (77010041) Video Studio Fundamentals Studio Directing and Performance
Advanced Studio Production
9th 10th 11th 12th
Arts & Sciences
9th 10th 11th 12th
SSA or TBB Choir SSA or TBB Choir -or- SSA or TBB Choir -or- SSA or TBB Choir -or- SSA or TBB Choir -or-
Band Concert Band -or- Symphonic Band (audition required) -or- Jazz Band (audition required) Concert Band -or- Symphonic Band (audition required) -or- Jazz Band (audition required) Concert Band -or- Symphonic Band (audition required) -or- Jazz Band (audition required) Concert Band -or- Symphonic Band (audition required) -or- Jazz Band (audition required)
Orchestra Concert Orchestra -or- Eastern Strings (audition required) -or- Eastern Chamber Orchestra (audition required) Concert Orchestra -or- Eastern Strings (audition required) -or- Eastern Chamber Orchestra (audition required) Concert Orchestra -or- Eastern Strings (audition required) -or- Eastern Chamber Orchestra (audition required) Concert Orchestra -or- Eastern Strings (audition required) -or- Eastern Chamber Orchestra (audition required)
Guitar Guitar 1 Guitar 2 (audition required) Guitar 3 (audition required) Guitar 4 (audition required)
Art Visual Art 1 -or- Photography 1 (teacher rec required) Drawing 1 -or- Painting 1 -or- Photography 2 Drawing 2 -or- Painting 2 -or- Photography 3 Drawing 3 -or- Painting 3 -or- AP Photography

Consumer & Family Science

The Consumer and Family Services pathway helps students develop knowledge and skills that span across a broad range of Family and Consumer Sciences content areas and are central to career areas involving human services, consumer services, consumer protection, and advising, education and training as well as social and community services.

High School of Business

High School of BusinessTM brings college-inspired business administration courses to high schools across the U.S. An accelerated series of six courses challenges students with hands-on marketing, management, finance, and economics courses. Each course is built around industry validated curriculum standards. The courses are positioned for local and national college credit opportunities as well as weighted scoring. Teachers receive high-quality professional development and ongoing support. At each participating school, a cross-functional steering team of local business leaders, college faculty, and school personnel manage the program.

Computer Science

The Computer Programming pathway courses will prepare students to design and create apps, as well as troubleshoot the latest programming languages used in industry. The coursework will include instruction in the principles of Computational science, Computer development and Computer Programming. Upon completion of this career pathway, students will be prepared for an entry level position or continue their education in Computer Programming.

Information Support and Services

The Information Support and Services pathway focuses on the design of computing systems. The courses include instruction in the principles of computer hardware and software components, algorithms, databases, and telecommunications.

Network Administration

The Network Security pathway will help students be able to properly design and install and wired LAN, including all network devices, physically connect servers and desktop computers, properly design and install a wireless LAN including all network devices, and make physical LAN connections for servers and desktop computers, integrate the Wireless LAN with wired LAN and work within the ethical and professional parameters in the Computer Networking profession. Students will be a team member, learn new network administration support skills and upgrade existing computer information system skills.

Web Development & Administration

The Web Development & Administration pathway involves creating, designing, and producing interactive multimedia products and services. This will include development of digitally generated or computer-enhanced media, and the adherence to web standards, as used in business, training, communications and marketing. Organizations of all types and sizes use digital media, web pages, and websites to communicate with existing and potential customers, to track transactions, and to collaborate with colleagues. This pathway will prepare students to enter the workforce ready to participate as leaders in a broad range of careers and further their education.

Graphic Design

Are you artistic and want to have a career? Graphic Design could be the pathway to your future. Using digital and print media, students master visual communication. In other words, graphic design communicates ideas and messages in a visual way. These visuals can be as simple as a business logo, as personal as a book cover, as bouncy as a cartoon, or as complex as a cereal box package. Students will master the tools and the rules to succeed in college and in the industry.

After learning about the elements, principles and software that professionals use, students will create a wide variety of real world projects to reinforce knowledge, skills, and appreciation of a culturally diverse audience and materials. Learn the rules, experience the challenge, and be proud of your results. See what you can do when art, computers, research, and creativity come together to make your unique vision a reality.

Cinematography & Video Production

The Cinematography and Video Production pathway prepares students to communicate dramatic information, ideas, moods, and feelings through the making and producing of videos and cinematographic expression. The pathway includes the theory of video, video technology and equipment operation, video production, video directing, video editing, cinematographic art, video and audio technique, and multi-media production. The pathway prepares students to function as staff, producers, directors, and managers of media programming and media organizations. Topics of study in this pathway include writing and editing; performing; media regulations, law, and policy; aesthetic meaning, appreciation, and analysis; construction, development, processing, modeling, simulation, and programming of audio, and moving image programs and messages; transmission, distribution, and marketing; contextual, cultural and historical aspects, and considerations.


Army JROTC is a four-year sequence of courses in the Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) high school program. This pathway’s design focuses on the development of better citizens by building skills in leadership, personal growth and behaviors, citizenship, decision making, health and fitness, first aid, team building, service learning, and geography; all within a student-centered learning environment. It prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. The program is a stimulus for promoting college and career readiness and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community, and nation.

SSA or TBB Choir, Band, Orchestra, Guitar, & Art

Students may choose to specialize in one or more art forms. Specialization will enable students to study an art form in an in-depth manner and work toward achieving a proficient, accomplished or advanced level of mastery in creating, performing/presenting/producing, responding and connecting in their chosen art form(s). Students who specialize in an art form will participate in performance-based arts courses designed to develop skills and understanding that will enable students to use the art form as a high level communication tool. This is accomplished through the development of creativity and production or performance skills. Performance-based courses also connect the arts with their historical and cultural contexts as students study exemplary works and learn the impact of time, place and personality on the arts. In addition, these courses promote an understanding of the interrelationships among the arts disciplines and connections with other academic content areas.