The Aristocrats Sketch Comedy Club

The group formerly known as BAMF (Barely Athletic Mostly Funny), the Aristocrats are funny people that do a lot of strange stuff. Aw, yeah. It’s strange people and a lot of funny stuff. Aw, yeah. It’s all that and a bag of chips. Introspective, classy, sophisticated, mature, aquamarine, lenient, aeronautical, denoting greater powers, and cheese… none of this relates to us at all!
Ha. Joke’s on you. Told you we were funny. So about those Mets…no, really! We’re good stuff. A little random, a touch of cow costume here and there – just give us some free therapy and we’ll be fine, not to mention a free car and a trip to Jamaica while you’re at it, and… ahem. Cough. Focus.
JOIN US!!!! We’re funny. Haha. Yay. Wow. Excellent. Woo. Party. Just remember – if you think you’ve got what it takes, you probably don’t; we’re not all stuck up like that. So don’t look at us funny. We know where you live and we’re not afraid to sell Girl Scout Cookies there. So Be A Mad Fly – Box At Michigan Funnels – Banish A Mongolian Fox – Banjo At Midnight Friday – Bounce And Mumble Freely. Do all that and more for the low, low cost of $999,999.02 and know this, – “We don’t have an attitude problem – you have a perception problem.” Peace out.

Sponsor: Stephen Johnson