Quick Recall

When you’re not old enough to go on The Weakest Link, or Who Wants to be a Millionaire, where do you turn?

Quick Recall is a club designed to exercise students’ minds by asking tough questions, and expecting quick answers. Each year Quick Recall competes locally in our county, and also takes many trips outside the Louisville area to compete. Eastern has traveled to Dunbar, Hart County, Russell, and Central Hardin high schools to play some tough competition from all over the easter half of the U.S. Eastern also takes a yearly trip to Vanderbilt University and has gone as far as Atlanta to play in tournaments. The season is a long one with matches beginning in early October and the final tournament of the year played in late April.

Eastern is currently rebuilding their team to compete at the high level that they have after coming off of a disappointing 14-14 season last year. Mr. Wilham was quoted as saying: “Last year’s leadership kept us from achieving some of the goals that we had set at the beginning of the season. This year’s seniors are more focused on preparing in the right way to make themselves better and the team better as well.”

Sponsor: Mr. Clements