Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) & Kentucky Youth Association (KYA)

Every year, a select few who are passionate about world politics prepare themselves for a three-day state wide mock United Nations assembly. They choose what country they want to represent, and learn everything they can about that country. This year they represented Eastern, and their country, Japan, in the convention. KUNA, Kentucky United Nations Assembly, is a wonderful experience for students interested in world politics.

This small but enthusiastic club practices year-round to prepare themselves for a mock United Nations meeting held at the the Crowne Point Plaza. At the Plaza, over 900 students attended this three-day statewide convention, each delegation representing a different country in order to propose answers to certain problems the world faces. “KUNA is a whole lot of fun. When I went to the mock assembly, I was surprised to find the amount of effort the participants put into their presentation” says an active member in KUNA. “I just couldn’t believe how fun world politics could be.”

This year, our Eastern delegation successfully defended their proposal (for a flood disaster mitigation system) before both the North American Summit and the entire General Assembly. Eastern was in the West Region, competing against such perennial powerhouses as Manual, Ballard, St. X., Sacred Heart, and Oldham County. Our own senior Anna Terkelsen received the “outstanding speaker” award for her pivotal role in the ongoing debates.

Sponsor: Ms. Ludwick & Ms. Martin