Science Fiction Club is a club that takes you into another world that you have never explored before. Eastern’s Sci-Fi Club consists of a group who meet every other Thursday to sit or stand around and have fun. Most of the members are into first person shooter games, such as “Counterstrike” and “Half-Life,” really enjoy card games, such as “Magic the Gathering” and “Yugioh,” and some play video or computer games, such as “Scorched Earth” or “Worms.” Others play chess, watch movies, or just sit around and talk.

Like all good versus bad conflicts, the Science Club and Sci-Fi clubs conflict, involve a good dose of intelligence (trivial pursuit); strategy, (chess); and physical competition, (catapult throw challenge & volleyball tournament). They go head to head every year for bragging rights and the great trophy.

The Science Club combines complex mixtures to create one simple thing, explosions and fire. There they also were able to do complex experiments that were too time-consuming for the class period. The Science Fiction Club are students that come together to watch anime (Japanese cartoons), play video games, and participate in “Magic” card tournaments, they do it all in the Sci-Fi Club.

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