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School History

Coming down the main street of Middletown a little over sixty years ago, one would have been met with the sight of quaint buildings staring curiously at the heap of cement, steel, and upturned earth that would soon become Eastern High School. Founded in 1950, Eastern quickly grew from its 66 classrooms and student population of 1,500. Today Eastern ranks in the top five best high schools in Jefferson County with its 2,200 students and 88 classrooms.

Over the years, Eastern has developed a strong academic track combined with a plethora of technology classes and partnerships with companies such as IBM, Dell and Microsoft. In addition, Eastern’s athletic teams have earned state recognition, with the Varsity Basketball Team ranking first in the state during the 2010-2011 season. Today, we continue to grow as not only a school, but as a community.

Mission & Values

At Eastern High School, learners discover their talents and strengthen their abilities through a full spectrum of liberal arts, cutting-edge technology, extra-curricular opportunities and rigorous coursework empowering them as leaders for college, career, and community.

Events & Achievements

Schedule Courses 22-23

Check here to see information on Eastern High School’s Courses for 2022-2023.

Senior Events

It’s that time of the year! Our Seniors have worked hard and it’s time to let loose. Check out Eastern High School’s upcoming senior activaties, where our seniors have earned some time off.


Our seniors have been working hard all year, and after four years they are ready to head out. Check here for graduation information, including cap and gown, graduation requirements, and graduation date.

Senior Prom

Ready to dance the night away? Check out our Eastern High Schools Senior prom!